Refugee Crisis

There’s been several times in this last year where I have felt increasingly ashamed to be from the UK.

I’m not entirely sure whether this is symptomatic of growing older, or my increased exposure to the media. But it’s present in me regardless. The current refugee crisis has left me really disappointed, shocked and appalled. As the child of an Iranian immigrant, I can appreciate how devastating it is to be forced out of the country you grew up in, judged by the country you have settled in, and misunderstood by the world media. These innocent people have been tortured by our society, and i’m truly sickened by how they’ve been treated by us, if I am honest.

I’m so not here to convince those who regard the refugees as a “swarm” that they should think otherwise (side note though, they bloody well should!) But instead, I want to promote some positive ways you can help with the crisis. All life has worth, and our actions in times like these form a large part of who we are, and who we wish to become.

This petition was a great starting point, and this article gives you some avenues to take if you wish to do something more proactive. I’d also like to mention this Facebook group, because the people i’ve interacted with on there have really renewed my faith in the ailing morality of our society. I am also a firm advocate of the UN Human Rights council, UNICEF and Amnesty International, so make sure you follow them all on Twitter to get updates.

Finally, I’d like to finish this quick post with an apology to the refugees themselves. The UK has directly, and indirectly, caused many of the problems which have now displaced millions of men, women and children from their homes. Then, due to racism and fear, the government turned their backs on the people who desperately needed their help. I’ll never be able to forget how the country has acted in the last few months, nor would I want to.

David Cameron, what’s good?

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