It’s been a good while since my last post; a period during which a lot has happened both personally and globally.

Firstly, I guess a quick catch up is in order. I am still working as a voluntary research assitant at my uni, a position which continues to inspire and excite me. In fact, my supervisor and I have been designing an experiment during these past few months which could potentially lead on to a larger project concerning facial perception in the periphery. I’ll keep you updated, of course!

I also undertook an introductory Matlab course as an elective this term, and I found it surprisingly enjoyable. I like the fact I am now beginning to learn the applied skills which will benefit my future research career. I’ve always been fascinated by coding, so savour any opportunity to learn it. I really encourage everyone to get involved with coding actually – go on, dare you!

Outside of psychology, I have been involved with an arts and cultures student journal (Savage) and a mental health zine (Doll Hospital). Both have allowed me to engage with another of my favourite subjects: literature. I’ve also been dedicating more time to voluntary work as I believe this is especially important around the winter months. Shelter, for example, provided me with the opportunity to help out at their Christmas soup kitchen. I have also been continuing my work with the RNIB, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Alzheimer’s Society. 

One notable change I have made recently is using my commute to learn, rather than just listening to music. I now listen to podcasts on a variety of topics, and find they make my walk into university pass so much quicker. A few favourites have already emerged (I might do a post dedicated to these in future), but i’ve been especially drawn to historical and/or the classics in terms of topic areas. This interest even inspired my christmas present this year: The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius. It’s also a nice escape to listen to information, rather than having to read it (sometimes all the scientific journal articles feel so relentless!) 

Overall the first term of my second year at university has flown by, and at a worrying speed if i’m honest… But I am actually looking forward to 2016 for a number of reasons – one being that I have some exciting plans for summer (stay tuned!) I wish you a happy new year. 

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