I listen to podcasts almost every time i’m walking, and since I walk everywhere I have amassed a collection of favourite broadcasts which I thought i’d put up on here for your perusal. Obviously this isn’t going to be definitive, though, because i’m always searching for new ones. Also, they’re not in order of preference or anything like that.

In general I tend to favour podcasts which profile a specific individual, or time period, for example:

Icons of Eras
Oxford DNB Biographies
Great Lives
Rex Factor

I first got into listening to them, in fact, because I was interested in learning more about the philosophy of the ancient world:

Emperors of Rome
The History of Rome
The Ancient World

Naturally, this led me into podcasts with a more general historical and/or philosophical focus:

History Extra podcast
Thinking Allowed
The History Chicks

Learn Out Loud: Philosophy podcast
The Partially Examined Life
The Podcast History of our World
History Today
British Library Podcasts

An honourable mention has to be given to the first podcasts I ever listened to, of course! These are all still among my favourites:

In Our Time
In Our Time: History
In Our Time: Culture
In Our Time: Philosophy
In Our Time: Religion

In case none of those pique your interest, I also listen to a few which engage my scientific, political and literary mind:

Stuff To Blow Your Mind
Stuff You Should Know
Science Weekly
The Psychology Podcast
Hidden Brain
BBC Inside Science

Start the week
Stuff Mom Never Told You

The Radio 3 Documentary
LSE: Public Lectures and Events
Think Again – A big think podcast
TED Radio Hour

Lit Up
Slate’s Audio Book Club
World Book Club
The Audio Long Read
Guardian Book Club
The Guardian Books Podcast

If you can’t find at least one new podcast to listen to from the above then you’re either as podcast obsessed as me already, or you’re really¬†picky. Nothing wrong with either, but please share some recommendations if you’re from the latter group!

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