Sketches of Significant Women: Marie Curie

H4030295-Marie_Curie,_Polish-French_physicist_250mimage source

Who better to kick off the science series of SSW than Marie Curie? A figure-head of women in science, not only was she the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, but was the first (and only) women to win twice, and in two different sciences – wow. Other key achievements include the fact that she was the first female professor at the Sorbonne in Paris, and that she traveled to the front lines during WWI and had a direct hand in saving thousands of lives.


Birth name: Maria Salomea Sklodowska
Born: 7th November 1867 (Warsaw, Poland – then part of the Russian Empire)
Died: 4th July 1934 (France)


“A Brief Biography of Marie Curie”
“Famous Scientists: Marie Curie”

“Marie Curie Exhibit” 
I HIGHLY recommend this website, it’s full of primary sources, photos and diary excerpts, including from Marie herself.


Next week’s edition: Alice Ball
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